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Post release 2018

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand: Main Results of Bangkok Event

On March 6, fintech professionals, blockchain experts, entrepreneurs , bankers and investors gathered together on the largest crypto event in Thailand, dedicated to blockchain technologies and ICO.

Key topics and speakers

Invited experts discussed such topics as tokens diversity, current state of the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrency integration into daily life, and revolutionizing the manufacturing supply chain with blockchain

Joseph Tsou, managing director at BlockEx discussed basic concepts of blockchain technology, providing details about trading, investments, ICOs, and comparing traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

The conference also had a panel discussion. The topic was ICO: Legal, Regulatory and Tax Policy in Thailand – New Perspectives. Five speakers from major companies took part in the discussion. Among them were Alexi Lane, founder and CEO at EVEREX, Gordon Walker, Emeritus professor of law at La Trobe University School of Law, Jason Corbett, managing partner at Silk Legal, Sathapon Patanakua, founder of SmartContract Thailand and BLOCK M.D., and Alex Linenko, chief business development officer at ICOBox. The speakers discussed the ICO status and regulations in Thai legal system, their impact on Thai economy, smart tax planning, and made forecasts for future.

Sponsors and Moderators

Smile-Expo is grateful to conference sponsors, DEEX.EXCHANGE - main sponsor, HotNow, ThinkCoin, Shping, Etherty,, Everex, Flashmoni, GreenHashes, and CoinTraffic.

The conference was moderated by: Monika Proffitt Founder & CEO Rise Housing – first half of the day; Alex Linenko, CBDO at ICOBox company – panel discussion and second half of the day.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand was the eighth conference of this series in 2018. Next, Smile-Expo will organize such conferences in Tallinn, Israel, Kyiv, and Germany.